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Criminal jurisdiction (current)

Item number 
Listing Procedures at Courts with Full Time sittings - revised 18 December 2009 [PDF 24kb] [DOC 34kb]
Circuit Sittings of the District Court - revised 18 December 2009 [PDF 23kb] [DOC 31kb]
Provision of Psychiatric Reports to Correctional Facilities [PDF 15kb] [DOC 25kb]
Media Access to Sexual Assault Proceedings Heard in Camera [PDF 16kb] [DOC 28kb]
Management of Prescribed Sexual Offence Proceedings [PDF 22kb] [DOC 26kb]
Sexual Assault Case List [PDF 20kb] [DOC 29kb]
Removal of Judgments from the Internet [PDF 23kb] [DOC 29kb]
Standard Case Management Directions -
Revised Practice Note commenced 14 July 2017 [PDF 8kb] [DOC 54kb]
Work Health and Safety Act Prosecutions - issued 6 December 2011 [PDF 32kb] [DOC 36kb]
​11Child Sexual Offence Evidence pilot - Downing Centre - issued 6 August 2019 [PDF 27kb] [DOC 52kb]


​Readiness Hearings - revised 10 August 2018 [PDF 17kb] [DOC 27kb]


Call Over for Trials in Circuit Sittings - Commencing 1 December 2016 [PDF 39kb] [DOC 36kb]

​14​AVL readiness hearings for circuit sittings - revised 13 August 2018 [PDF 24kb] [DOC 33kb]
​15​Sentence matters - 4 July 2018 [PDF 12kb] [DOC 62kb]
​Work health and Safety Act Prosecutions - issued 5 November 2018 [PDF 57kb]
​17​AVL call-over for circuit sittings - issued 5 November 2018 [PDF 18kb] [DOC 45kb]

Criminal jurisdiction (archived)

​Item number​Title
​7 ​Management of Country Circuit Lists - replaced by PN 2 on 18 December 2009 [PDF 18kb] [DOC 25kb]
​9Standard Case Management Directions - replaced by revised PN on 14 July 2017 [PDF 15kb] [DOC 24kb]

Civil jurisdiction (current)

Item number
Rescinding Previous Practice Notes in Force before the Civil Procedure Act 2005 [PDF 14kb] [DOC 23kb]
Case Management in the General List - revised Practice Note 1 commenced 6 October 2017 [PDF 175kb] [DOC 80kb]

​Case Management in Country Sittings - commenced 6 April 2018 [PDF 172kb] [DOC 83kb]

Online Courts - Commencing 31 October 2018      [PDF 38kb] [DOC 61kb]

Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998 [PDF 23kb] [DOC 37kb]

Defamation - revised June 2015 [PDF 20kb]  [DOC 19kb]

Court Approval of Settlement - revised May 2009 [PDF 22kb] [DOC 34kb]
Early Return of Subpoenas - amended 15 June 2011 [PDF 98kb] [DOC 41kb] 
Inactive List [PDF 15kb] [DOC 26kb]
Access to Court Files by Non-Parties [PDF 19kb] [DOC 35kb]
Coal Miners' Workers Compensation List revised 14 April 2014 [PDF 28kb] [DOC 35kb]
Pre-judgment interest rates - commenced 1 July 2010) [PDF 18kb] [DOC 26kb]

Civil jurisdiction (archived)

Item number Title

Case Management in the Commercial List - rescinded on 23 October 2009 [PDF 42kb] [DOC 55kb]

Case Management in the Construction List - revoked on 7 September 2009 [PDF 24kb] [DOC 61kb]

Proceedings under Property (Relationships) Act 1984 and Family Provision Act 1982 - revoked on 7 September 2009 [PDF 20kb] [DOC 31kb]

Summons and Motions - revoked on 7 September 2009 [PDF 17kb] [DOC 25kb]


Amendments to Case Management - revoked on 7 September 2009 [PDF 20kb] [DOC 30kb]


Extension of Time for Service of Statements of Claim in Debt Claims - revoked 17 March 2014 [PDF 15kb] [DOC 23kb]









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