Forms and fees - Residual jurisdiction    


For more information about procedures in the residual jurisdiction, please refer to Schedule 11 of the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 2005.

Download a copy of the Guidelines for Waiver, Remission and Postponement of fees [PDF 46kb] [DOC 59kb]


Statement of Claim - Coal Miners' Compensation List [PDF 22kb] [DOC 51kb]

​Certificate of Compliance (Coal Miners) [PDF 36kb] [DOC 44kb]

Statement of Claim - Coal Miners' Compensation (Redemption) [PDF 45kb] [DOC 66kb]

Statement of Claim - Deceased Worker [PDF 36kb] [DOC 54kb]

Statement of Claim - Bush fire / emergency & rescue services / DDT / sports injuries [PDF 54kb] [DOC 47kb]

Application for Medical Panel [PDF 36kb] [DOC 39kb]

Application for Medical Panel - Boilermaker Deafness [PDF 18kb] [DOC 44kb]


There are no fees specific to the residual jurisdiction. For non-specific court services including requests for transcripts, see fees for general court services.







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