Forms and fees - Care and protection of children and young people

Appeals against decisions in care proceedings are filed by summons. The Uniform Civil Procedure summons is used for this.

These fees are effective from 11 July 2019 and are prescribed by the Civil Procedure Regulation 2017.

Download a copy of the Guidelines for Waiver, Remission and Postponement of fees [PDF 46kb] [DOC 59kb]

                                        Form   Fee
Summons - filing party legally represented (form 4A)$286
Summons - filing party acting in person or by authorised officer (form 4B)
Notice of Assessment Order [PDF 40kb] [DOC 48kb] N/A
Application for an Assessment Order [PDF 77kb] [DOC 109kb] N/A
Request to Court for Authorised Clinician to Give Evidence [PDF 353kb] [DOC 42kb] N/A
Notice to Authorised Clinician to Attend Court to Give Evidence [PDF 40kb] [DOC 40kb]


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