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How to lodge a form and pay a fee

Complete the form with the relevant details and submit it to the relevant District Court registry by post or in person. You will also need to enclose or bring along the appropriate fee.

If you are posting the form, you may enclose a cheque, credit card authorisation or debit card authorisation for the fee amount.

If you choose to pay a fee in person at the registry, you may pay in cash, by cheque, EFTPOS or credit card (Visa card and Mastercard only).

Court transcripts

Link to Transcripts for more information and forms. 

Forms for general court services

Listed below are forms and fees for general District Court services.


Application to waive fees [PDF 116kb] [DOC 268kb]

Service and Execution of Process forms (see Service and Execution of Process Regulations 1993 Cth

See also the Guidelines for waiver, remission and postponement of fees. [PDF 46kb] [DOC 46kb]

Subpoena forms (criminal)

Forms            PDF formMS Word form
Subpoena to Witness to Give Evidence PDF 31kb
DOC 35kb
Subpoena to Witness for Production PDF 26kb
DOC 40kb
Subpoena to Witness for Production and to Give Evidence PDF 35kbDOC 42kb

Bail forms

Form name PDF form MS Word form
Application to be Acceptable Person - Security Agreement PDF 100kb DOC 46kb
Application to be Acceptable Person - Character Acknowledgment PDF 28kb
DOC 31kb
Release Application / Grant of BailPDF 26kbDOC 29kb
Bail variation applicationPDF 15kb
DOC 56kb

Fees for general court services

The following fees are prescribed by the Civil Procedure Regulation 2017 and Criminal Procedure Regulation 2017 and are payable from 11 July 2019.

Please note, the Sheriff's Office also charges fees for its services, including for the service of documents.


Item  number 

Matter for which fee is payable


  Standard fee

Corporation fee


Issuing a subpoena (for production, to give evidence, or both)




Receipt by the registrar of a document or thing produced in compliance with a notice to produce under Part 34 of the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 2005




Filing or registering a copy or certificate of a judgment, order, determination, decree, adjudication or award of any other court or person under section 133 of the Civil Procedure Act 2005




Opening or keeping open the registry or part of the registry:

(a)  on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday

(b)  on any other day before 9 am or after 5 pm




Requesting production to the court of documents held by another court




Furnishing one or more sealed or certified copies of a judgment or order, or of the written opinion or reasons for opinion of any judicial or other officer of the court




Retrieving, providing access to and furnishing a copy of any document (otherwise than as provided for by items 6, 8 and 10)

$13, plus $7 for each 10 pages (or part of 10 pages) after the first 20 pages



Retrieving and providing access to, but not furnishing a copy of, any file or box of files, where the file or box of files is retrieved from on off-site storage facility

(a) standard retrieval request - $83 per file or box of files


(b) non-standard retrieval request (including urgent, high or after hours priority retrieval request or a retrieval request for deliver to or from a regional location outside the Sydney metropolitan area) - Such additional fee incurred by a court  



Supplying a duplicate recording of sound -recorded evidence -per cassette tape or disc




Supplying a copy of a transcript of any proceedings:

(a) where the matter being transcribed is under 3 months old

$93, plus an additional $11 for each page after the first 8 pages


(b) where the matter being transcribed is 3 months old or older

$113, plus an additional $13 for each page after the first 8 pages




Providing any service for which a fee is not otherwise imposed by this Schedule

Note -  

A fee may not be imposed under this item except with the approval of the registrar.




Filing an application to commence summary proceedings brought in the District Court, other than proceedings brought by the secretary of an industrial organisation of employees $1922








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