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Court lists and sitting dates

Interactive court list

The interactive court list allows you to type in search criteria to find the details of your court appearance. Searches are possible by name, case number, location, date, jurisdiction, title of presiding officer and type of listing. Listings are made two weeks in advance.

Daily court list

The daily court list is updated at 3.30pm each day and displays matters listed on the next business day. While this alternate version of the list does not offer the same comprehensive search functionality that the online court list offers, it may include additional information for practitioners. [Note: Not all courts publish information on the daily court list - refer to the interactive court list for all courts]

Medical Tribunal and residual jurisdiction lists

Medical Tribunal and residual jurisdiction matters are included in the civil section of the daily court list.

Return of subpoenas list

Return of subpoenas dates are also included in the civil section of the daily court list.

Telephone callover list

A judge and the parties or their representatives can set trial dates via teleconference. This is called a telephone callover.

Check the telephone callover list for criminal matters.






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