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​Speeches by current and former Judicial Officers of the District Court of New South Wales.



​03/02/16​Law Term Opening Speech by Judge P Berman SC [PDF 24kb] [DOC 33kb]
​Article - Berman SC DCJ "Killing a zombie - the repeated death of Hoch v R" 22(5) Crim LN [3530] (LexisNexis) [PDF 76kb]
11/11/15​"Social media issues for investigators" [PDF 167kb] [DOC 141kb] Australian Institute of Professional Investigators by Judge Judith Gibson.
20/06/15​"Case management issues in costs appeals" [PDF 129kb] [DOC 113kb] Costs Assessors Annual Seminar by Judge Judith Gibson.
30/03/15​From McLibel to e-Libel: Recent issues and recurrent problems in defamation law [PDF 395kb] State Legal Convention by Judge J C Gibson
​Mar 2015

"​Judges, cyberspace and social media" [online] Judge Judith Gibson. 

Judicial Review: Selected Conference Papers: Journal of the Judicial Commission of New South Wales, the Vol. 12, No. 2, Mar 2015:[237]-266.

Available at: http://search.informit.com.au/documentSummary;dn=014165188571963;res=IELAPA 

ISSN: 1038-8559.

11/10/14​"The Grey Matter Between Right and Wrong" [PDF 88kb] [DOC 1099kb] by Judge Peter Johnstone.
04/09/14​"Social Media and Insurance Liability" [PDF 252kb] [DOC 826kb] by Judge Judith Gibson.
28/08/14​"It came from CyberSpace: Defamation Law and the Internet" [PDF 339kb] NSW State Legal Conference: Session 16, by Judge Judith Gibson.
27/08/14​"Ridiculousness: Ridicule and defamatory meaning in the age of the internet" [PDF 347kb] College of Law, by Judge Judith Gibson.
25/03/14​"Emerging Developments in Juvenile Justice" [PDF 237kb] [DOC 1124kb] by Judge Peter Johnstone.
09/07/13​"How can we be just in all we do?" [PDF 84kb] [DOC 80kb] by Judge Richard Cogswell SC. Presented at Meditatio Seminar [PDF 2639kb​]
17/09/13"​Oration for the World Peace Day Assembly at the Cowra Peace Bell" [PDF 18kb] [DOC 26kb] by Judge Peter Johnstone.
31/05/13​"Should Judges use Social Media" [PDF 337kb] by Judge Judith Gibson.
02/04/13​"Child Care Appeals" [PDF 384kb] [DOC 1152kb] by Judge Peter Johnstone.
01/08/13​"Best Practice in the Conduct of Care Proceedings in the Children's Court" [PDF 377kb] [DOC 1151kb] by Judge Peter Johnstone.
01/11/12​"Judges, tabloids and trial by media" [PDF 452kb] [DOC 2.64MB] by Judge Judith Gibson.

​​"Phone hacking in America" [PDF 323kb] by Judge Judith Gibson. Published by the Gazette of Law and Journalism on 19 November 2012.


​"Turning a good newsroom bad" [PDF 615kb] by Judge Judith Gibson.


​"Balancing Reputation Rights and Freedom of Speech in the 21st Century" [PDF 433kb] [DOC 266kb] by Judge Judith Gibson.

28/08/10​"Walk Away Offers of Compromise" [PDF 146kb] by Judge Peter Johnstone.
01/11/10​"Megalitigation" [PDF 271kb] [DOC 109kb] by Judge Judith Gibson.
27/04/10​"Regulation of the judiciary in Australia" [PDF 187kb English] [PDF 285kb Chinese] [PDF 167kb Portuguese] by Judge Judith Gibson
​2010​"Impact of Legal Culture and Legal Transplants on the Evolution of the Australian Legal System" [PDF 495kb] by Judge Judith Gibson.
28/10/08​"Court views on Mediation" [PDF 93kb] by Judge Peter Johnstone.


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