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​​​​​​Welcome to the website of the New South Wales District Court

The District Court of New South Wales is the intermediate court in the state's judicial hierarchy. It is the largest trial court in Australia and has an appellate jurisdiction. It hears serious criminal offences, appeals from lower courts and civil proceedings. 

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Procedure for Urgent Relief - List Judge and Duty Judge in Civil Jurisdiction [PDF 228kb]

Protocol for Contacting the List Judge [PDF 35kb]

Online Court information sessions for practitioners in February 2019 - read more [DOC 60kb]

Additional judges for the District Court [PDF 26kb]

Standard Orders for Hearings [PDF 31​kb] [DOC 29kb]

File civil forms online and track the progress of your case via the Online Registry website

Settlements checklist — consent order procedure explained 

13 May 2015 - District Court joins Twitter [PDF 64.9kb] (@NSWDstCt)

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District Court Twitter Policy [PDF 64.9kb]